Bouldering ideal for a children’s party

Bouldering ideal for a children’s party

The son celebrated his tenth birthday in December and had his birthday party yesterday. In recent years we went to the Film of Monkey Town, but this time he wanted something different. Already a few times we had suggested the idea to climb, but he didn’t want that. After a visit to the lab in Amsterdam, he knew what he wanted to do El; Boulder

We have already been the film

A few years ago we went to the movies with his birthday party. Then it worked out, because just that week a movie came out. Now the son also wanted to go to the film, but the popular films are already running for a while and these have seen most children in the meantime.

Finally, we also sit in the cinema during the Christmas holidays.

Monkey Town

Last year we went to Monkey Town and Glow in the Dark Midget Golf with his party. That mini -golf was completely crazy, but for Monkey Town the guys are actually a bit too big now. I said before that we might be able to climb. However, the son does this before and he did not find it especially for his party.

Climb vs bouldering

Something the son likes in addition to climbing is bouldering. Bouldering is an explosive and spectacular way of climbing. “Boulder” is English for “rock”. Bouldering is literally: climbing on a rock.

Because there are no rocks in the Netherlands, we boulder on climbing walls with a maximum height of 4.5 meters. The climbing routes are puzzles that you solve with technology, strength and thinking. Unlike climbing you do not need rope and climbing belts at Bouldering.

Thick fall mats under the routes ensure safety.

The reason that the son Bouldering likes so much is that you don’t wear climbing belt and therefore don’t have to be bined, so you can get started right away with climbing and you don’t have to wait. You can do bouldering on your own, in addition to climbing shoes (or sneakers) you actually don’t need anything

Boulderhal Het Lab

Recently the sons were fever with my husband in the new Boulderhal Het Lab in Amsterdam. After bouldering, the son said; ’ Here I want to go with my birthday party ’. Great, natural! Nice.

The invitations were written and yesterday was the day. Boulderhal Het Lab is part of Klimmuur Amsterdam. This location only consists of boulders, but there is also a catering establishment and kids zone.


In the Boulderhal you will find different blocks that can be climbed on. There is a course that you follow and for children there is a special children’s course. We had asked the children to take their school sneakers and put on easy pants. They were looking forward to it and were a bit nervous, because those blocks would not be too high?

When they arrive, they looked out of their eyes. ‘ Wow a very large playground &#8217 ;; was their reaction. They enjoyed bouldering for hours. What that children have no fear at all and dared to climb pretty tricky routes.

They really enjoyed it and for us it was a sign again that we can do this much more often.

For all information about roaring no a look at the site of the Lab.