A search for a unique rug for the living room

A search for a unique rug for the living room

A unique and warm rug for the living room. Even though both boys love playing in their own rooms, they prefer playing downstairs in the living room. Because it’s often so cold on the floor, I’m looking for a rug.

I do have a few wishes.

My wishes regarding a rug

As I mentioned, I do have a few desires in terms of a rug. Our interior is white, gray with dark wood accents. I am looking for a light one, not too big, actually the width of the dresser and not too high pile, because then they lose their dolls and the cars’ll not be able to drive on it.

Searching on the internet you come across plenty, but I wanted something unique, not twelve in a dozen and of course I also look at the price.


While searching I came across Sukhi. They have unique rugs and a great selection. At Sukhi everything is handmade. Sukhi works directly with the people who make it, without warehouses, stores and middlemen.

So they can keep prices low.


I hesitate between the patchwork rugs and the felt rugs. I find the sleekness of a patchwork very beautiful, unique and also add color to the interior in lighter tones. Sukhi patchwork rugs come straight from Turkey.

The region for top quality rugs. The patchwork are handmade from a variety of different pieces of vintage rugs. They bring a unique, colorful atmosphere to your space. But Sukhi also has a huge range of woolen and felt rugs from India. You can choose from all kinds of colors, patterns and styles.

With the felts I find the advantage is that they are custom made and warm. Ideal for the boys to lay and play on.

I don’t know yet. I also get a bit greedy from the many beautiful sparkling colors I see on the site. It is that I have already made the choice for a light colored rug, because I see purple, red and blue that would also look very nice.