How I the scheduler plan nothing on vacation

How I ‘m the planner’ on vacation planning nothing

A master scheduler, that's me. I plan everything. I also still live with a plain old-fashioned agenda.

If I don't, I get completely lost. In My House I Always Make Sure That Everything Runs Like A Well-Oiled Machine And I Do That Mainly By Planning Ahead. But once a year I plan nothing. Nothing at all.

And that's with our summer holiday. We always have a country in mind, but in recent years this country changes the day before we leave. Nothing is booked, nothing is written down. We'll go and see.

Very strange, because normally I leave nothing to chance. so I have no trouble at all with the vacations.


Planning is something I have been doing since I was young. I will not forget anything and am always on time everywhere.I'm just like that, can't help it. I leave little to chance, but I can handle the unexpected. It's not that if things don't turn out as I expect, I get stressed out, at least not anymore.

But I'm just a real planner.

Summer vacation

The only time when I'm not the planner is in the summer holidays. In summer vacations we actually always go to countries where we can hike in the mountains and climb. For about four years we have bone trying to get out to austria, looking at campsites, are there any nice hiking trails and really el have a bit of ideas in our heads. But for four years now we haven't managed to get here. Actually every time the weather forecast is too bad.

And then we hold out hope. One week before departure we start looking for better weather, but then decide that we don't feel like spending a week in the rain in a tent and go somewhere else on the morning of departure.

On the off chance

We don't book anything, go away and see where we end up. Sometimes we drive in two days, then I grab the big camping guide from the ANWB and see where the nearest campsite is. This year we decided the day before departure that it would not be Austria, but Italy.

Last year we had also looked at this.Then the rain kept us away, but we decided to head towards Aosta this year and would see there.

This is pretty much how our whole vacation goes. After more than half a week in the Aosta valley. Where we had Beautiful Walks, we looked at where the weather would be good. Packed up the car and drove on.

Find another campsite and see. This time we made a mistake in a campsite, it was not to our liking. No problem, we stayed two days, visited Lugano and Como and then moved on again.

Not always a scheduler

Sometimes I find it strange, how I am put together. Normally such a planner, but in the vacations I let all wings down. And I enjoy it. But now at home, I am the planner again. Also nice again.

The bags for the boys are always ready and being late hardly ever happens to us.