Create a Diamond Painting with a personal photo

Create a Diamond Painting with a personal photo

Your best photos’re not left on your laptop or mobile, you have them printed. If you love crafting, you can choose Diamond Painting. How fun is it to your own photo, before you can hang it up, to paste with diamonds first. What exactly is diamond painting and how does it work?

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Turn your photo into something special

You don’t have to leave your best photos on your laptop anymore. Just hang them up in your room. And if you want something else than a photo on canvas or a photo on a tapestry, you can easily order a diamond painting with your own photo at Fotocadeau.en. The nice thing about this is that you have a very nice and long crafting time before you can hang it on the wall.

An ideal gift for any DIY fan!

Diamond Painting, what is that exactly

Maybe you remember painting by numbers. Diamond painting is a bit like that idea, but without paint and with diamonds. It is really for people who love crafts, being busy with their hands and love to see results. With diamond painting you print an adhesive canvas with diamonds. These diamonds come in all sorts of different colors, making your photo lifelike.

The fun at Fotocadeau.namely that you can use your own photo for the diamond painting.

On the site you can easily upload your photo, choose the size of your choice for your diamond painting and see if you want round or square stones. Make your order and then wait. Count on a week or two and then the package will arrive.

What do you get in the package

When the package arrives you can start immediately. The package consists of:

  • Self-adhesive canvas in size of your choice
  • Square or round diamond stones
  • Diamond painting pen
  • Shaker
  • Tweezers
  • Wax

And then you can get started

How does it work exactly. Basically very simple. The different colored diamond stones are coded per color.

These codes correspond to the codes on the adhesive canvas. The shaker is included in the diamond painting kit to make sure you can easily pick up the diamond stones with the right (convex) side up. Pick this up with the diamond painting pen.

Dip it in the wax every now and then and you can easily press the diamond stones from the shaker onto the adhesive canvas.

The codes have numbers that correspond to the diamond bags

How to do it

The easiest way is to do the printing color by color and be sure not to put too many pebbles in the tray, because before you know it you stick your sleeve to it once and the tray falls over. Knock off a piece of plastic and begin. If it happens that you press a diamond stone crookedly on the canvas, you can use the included tweezers to put the stone straight again.

More crafts

I chose a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Working on the diamond painting is really fun. I find it very relaxing and the fun is that you see more and more results and see your ‘picture’ grow.

It is fun to keep changing colors, but also filling in the large areas is cool, because you see results very quickly. Now I don’t have very good eyes, but this is definitely not a barrier. I use glasses with a magnifying glass to put the stones down, so I can see just fine. Diamond painting is really about being busy with your hands and seeing results. Ideal for me.

Would you like to order a diamond painting from a personal photo or paint a photo on a number?. Check out the site for all the possibilities. There is certainly one for you!