Announcing the birth of your child in an original way

Announcing the birth of your child in an original way

The birth of your child, you would love to announce it to the whole world. How fun it is to celebrate the birth in an original way. This can be done for example with a birth sticker on the window or a birth sign in the garden.

But where to buy it?

Thinking up names

You’re pregnant, hurray, but now it begins. Buying stuff, making appointments with the midwife and thinking of names. Coming up with a name is a bit of a challenge.

After all, your child will use this name for the rest of his or her life.

Where to look for names?

But how to get a? A name you can stand behind together, because let’s face it, this alone is difficult. If you like a name, your partner may have very different feelings about it.

Check yourself, maybe you also have certain thoughts about certain names. Maybe you already have a name, have known it for years. Want a popular name? Or a name you don’t hear much.

An easy name, short or long? And does the name match the baby’s surname??

Booking names

Names for your baby you can look for in names books, maybe you watch a movie and suddenly hear a name you really like or read it in a book. Fortunately, you still have some time to think, the moment you find out you are pregnant.

Celebrating the birth of your child

And then your child is born, of course you would like to announce this and the name to the whole world. Now the whole world might not be able to, but the whole street certainly will Want to announce the birth of your child in an original way, think of a birth sticker on the window.

An original way of announcing

A birth sticker from Geboorteplein is not only super original, the neighbors and people in the street know immediately which name your child received at birth. A birth sticker is fun to buy for yourself, but of course also to give as a baby gift. And if you do not want a sticker but something else, on the site Geboorteplein you will find many more original ideas think of a sign for the garden, the window or how about a birth flag?