Boho Style Inspiration – Follow these influencers on Instagram

Boho Style Inspiration- Follow these influencers on Instagram

The Boho Style Or a bohemian style, what exactly is that? Even if you have never been to Ibiza, the boho style is all of us. The Boho Style is totally hip and today I will let you know where I get my inspiration from and which influencers I follow on Instagram.

Boho Style Modern and contemporary

The Boho Style of Bohemian Style is exuberant with many colors, flower patterns and influences from all over the world. In fact, the Boho Style grabs back in time to the late 1960s and early 1970s to the clothing style of the hippies. The Boho Style is elegant items of clothing, fringes, long maxi dresses and skirts.

But also combine, an elegant dress with a hat and cowboy boots.

Keep combining

That boho style ensures that you are completely free to put together your own unique outfit, which you can wear casually. You can go for exuberant, with many colors or choose a combination of more modest items of clothing with fringes and frills. Everything is possible and everything is allowed.

And you can also see that in a Bohemain interior. You can choose from earthly neutral shades, with many accessories or you go for color, with colorful accents.

Search inspiration

I actually always wear cheerful maxi dresses and skirts, I feel good about this. And even though they have cheerful colors, I sometimes miss inspiration to give it even more Boho Style and I am therefore very happy with Instagram, where I follow stores and influencers that inspire me and many others so much inspiring.

Hereby an overview of my favorites I follow on Instagram

Who do I like to follow and where do I get that inspiration? I have placed my list in random order:

Ibzmode: my favorite store where I buy my boho style clothing. In addition to the photo ’ s on Insta, I also like to look at their site, how they combine clothing and styles.

Wild bohem: a women’s shop from America. In addition to showing their collectives Australian labels, you also regularly see beautiful photo ’ s passing by from nature in America.

Ibizabohogirl: The Amsterdam Yvon now lives in Oslo and shows how well the boho style is in women over 50. Inspire her photo ’ s and her blog is very nice to read. But also follow her stories in which she shows a useless makeup tutorials.

Very funny.

Turquoise.and.Stardust: Melissa from Perth Australia, Schowt beautiful clothing and accessories. Melissa is an inspiring lady who gives color to my Instagram feet.

Littlemissgypsylabel: A label from West Australia. They offer an affordable collection, designed and influenced by their travels and the love for the 70s, music festivals from the past and present.

Boho_Boetiek: Boho Boetiek is an online shop with Boho CHCK Interieur en Fashion. The photo ’ s on this Instagram page are full of interior tips with many all the famous neutral colors that you often see at the Bohemian Stiyle.

Foxytrash: For the most beautiful photo ’ s I look at Michaela Haban from Foxytrash. She is a German blogger who takes you to the most beautiful places in Europe, where sun, sea and beach are often present. Her photo ’ s are pictures.

Boho Style Inspiration- Follow these influencers on Instagram Which bohemian style Instagrammers are fun to follow

Whatever you call it: be you!

Whatever you call it, bohemian or boho, boho-chic or bohemien. But also Ibiza Mode or the Ibiza style, hippie or gipsy style: all these words stand for the free way of life and dress. Wear what you want and be inspired by others.

I hope I have been able to inspire you with the people who inspire me again.