Cheeseburgers with Mac sauce

Recipe; cheeseburgers with Mac sauce

By Debbie; I love to cook yet I don’t always feel like it. Then I sometimes think: ‘shall I get something’ but soon I realize that it always takes quite a long time to get something and that it is not exactly cheap either. Only sometimes you crave junk food. At least, I do and my husband and the kids too.

So that’s why I occasionally make my own junk food.

Satisfy your snack cravings

Of course, this is not junk food at all if you prepare it yourself but fortunately it does satisfy your snack cravings! If you feel like it, you can also bake your own hamburger buns but this is another’s dish for which you can have lots of things in the house and thus have this’s a tasty snack meal on the table within 20 minutes. And the sauce with the cheeseburgers really does look like Big Mac sauce, great right!?