Handy use of space in the bathroom

Handy with space in the bathroom

Bathrooms are not always big, yet you often want to be able to fit a lot in them. How to manage the space in the bathroom? What to choose and where to buy it?

Time for a new bathroom

When you want to redesign an existing bathroom or design a new bathroom, it’s helpful to consider the space in the bathroom. Start by drawing a design in which you place everything you would like to have. A bath? A shower?

How many sinks? If this is on paper and you know what your ideal bathroom is, then you can start playing with the space in the bathroom.

What if there is less space

Bathrooms are often not that big. Then it makes sense to be handy with the space. If you absolutely want a bath but don’t have room in your bathroom, consider an adult sit-on bathtub! A one-person seated bath to relax for a while.

Some in the house like to have a bath and others a shower? Then choose a shower in the bathtub. Just have more room? Then make sure you really enjoy showering and take that space.

Nothing more annoying than wanting to wash your hair and getting stuck between the walls when you raise your arms. If you have enough room, you can also do a glass door for the shower, but keep in mind that this door also has to be open. Less space, choose a shower curtain.

See how you can create space.

How to make space in the bathroom? For example by a mirror cabinet. Not only do you use the mirror, but behind it you have lots of space to store your things. But you also make space in the bathroom with a custom-made built-in closet.

Creating closet space in the bathroom.

How we solved it ourselves

Our bathroom is not big. A few years ago we had this rebuilt and had a number of requirements then too. At least this way I would have lots of space to put my things.

In the shower we now have a niche, where I can put my shampoo’s and next to the shower we also have a space, where you can’t really do anything with it. Yet we make excellent use of this. This is where I keep my laundry baskets.

And I had shelves made here, on which I can now store my towels, and supplies (think shampoo, deo etc).

space in the bathroom

Handy with the space in the bathroom

So it’s very important to think about what you find important in a bathroom. The moment you start remodeling, you can put your own twist on it and plan to enjoy it for a long time. Think of a higher toilet.

And choose easily removable tiles, not only beautiful, but also hygienic. But also consider the family situation. If it’s just the two of you, one sink is enough, but if you have children, a double sink is ideal for brushing your teeth. Or how about a walk-in shower with a glass wall? Not only beautiful, but gives more space.

Perhaps small things, but with great ease of use.