A summer grid my blog

A summer schedule my blog

It is vacations, so a summer schedule on my blog. The boys are on vacation and so am I. It will be quieter here for the next six weeks We are going to have a lovely vacation and I never know how things will go with my items then.

It all goes on a bit

Now I have made a schedule, though, for my articles. Fun posts will be scheduled to appear on Facebook, in addition, old articles will occasionally appear on Facebook. But beyond that. I'll see how it goes. It just depends on the weather.

The hustle and bustle and what we are all going to do. I'm not worried about that either. After the six weeks there will be regularity in the articles online again.

I hope you all have a great summer.

Less online during the summer period

How is that at your place? Are you more or less online during the summer and summer holidays? I am much less online and that is also the reason I set a summer schedule in this period. I publish less than usual, purely because I don't know how it will all go.

What to do and where to go.

It goes as it goes

This is what I love about the vacations, that you will see how it all turns out. No fixed schedule or working day, but go with the flow.

Summer schedule

And if you think, well I would like to read some of her vacation stories. Then I have a nice row of articles for you here!