Book list for the holiday tips for traveling

Book list for the holiday reading tips for traveling

The summer vacation is coming again and for me this always means that I am going to read a lot. Because I want to relax, then I take a book. Because I certainly do not want to keep my favorite book list secret, here my book list for the holiday.

Read as relaxation

For me personally, reading is a form of relaxing. I craft a lot, have a bullet journal and ticks, but reading is really that ultimate feeling of peace. This way I can also immerse in a book in a weekend and now that the holiday is coming, I can’t wait to complete my book list.

But which books really belong to this book list for the holidays?

My Book List

I have already read some of these books on my book list below and I would like to give it as a tip, but there are certainly still on it that I want to read myself.

The Seven Sisters Lucinda Riley

The seven sisters of Lucinda Riley should of course not be missing in this book list. I have read all the books of the seven sisters of Lucinda Riley and I definitely recommend reading the first books in order. Or at least read the first six books before you start the seventh part. For me this book is really gold.

The books are all so well written., They take you to countries where you may never have been, but by the way Lucinda Riley wrote, you have the idea that you are walking around here too. You also get a little closer to the D &#8217 family in every book; Aplise. Perhaps the books have become extra special, now that Lucinda Riley has recently passed away and it has only become known that the son of Liucinda Riley is going to write off part 8.

Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Series Series

The books about Jack Reacher from Lee Child, are books that you can’t put away, they are so exciting. These books are about Jack Reacher. A former major with the American military police. After being waved to the army, Reacher leads a wandering existence.

He roams the United States because he believes that he never got to know his own country because he mainly spent his youth on military army bases abroad. He mainly travels around by hitchhiking, by bus or on foot not to leave a paper track. The only possessions he carries with him are money and a foldable toothbrush.

Not only are the books very exciting, they also take you into the states of America.

The romantic books of Katie Fforde

Katie Fforde has written so many books that I myself occasionally no longer know which books I have read or not, but I must say that I also enjoy reading a book again. These are now really books that are wonderful to read when you are on your beach bed by the pool and should certainly not be missing in my book list for the holiday.

A few more summer books tips:

  • Lies and Lattes, Lauren Weisberger
  • The Italian girl, Lucinda Riley
  • Under the Italian sun, Santa Montefiore
  • Sophia ’ s Hoop, Corina Bomann
  • 21 summers and other stories, Chantal van Gastel
  • An unexpected summer, Marjolein Tel

What do you take with you on vacation

Reading is ultimate holiday happiness for me. I always take a lot of books with me and these are practically always going out. Fortunately, you can also exchange books more often on campsites, so I find beautiful titles every year.

I hope I was able to inspire you with my book list for the holiday and if you have any tips, feel free to leave them in a comment.