The Guide to Dutch Museums and the Great Old Master Animals book

The Guide to Dutch Museums and the Great Old Master Animals book

To the museum, fun for you, but of course also for children. Which museums are fun to visit and which art books children can also enjoy browsing through? The Guide to Dutch Museums and the Great Old Masters Animals book will help you do this.

To the museum

To the museum, it’s possible again, but where to go? It is a lot of fun to go to a museum. Especially now that autumn and winter are approaching and outdoor activities will be fewer. But of course also with the autumn vacations just around the corner.

All the addresses in one book

What museum can you go to and then not a museum we all know already? Here you have an overview of! Namely from the authors Micky Piller and Kristoffel Lieten, they wrote the Guide to Dutch Museums.

What it says on the back cover

“This book is the ideal guide to Dutch museums. The authors – Piller and Lieten – take you to quiet halls full of beautiful art: their own collections in often interesting museum buildings. They discuss famous and lesser-known works of art from our cultural heritage. The guide helps you get to know and understand those works of art.
Some thirty museums have been chosen, from Leeuwarden to Maastricht and from Enschede to Middelburg. Piller and Lieten surprise you with expert and personal commentary.
‘Gids naar Nederlandse Musea –Op weg naar de kunst’ is refreshing and full of atmospheric photos’of museum galleries and of special works of art. Plus lots of useful and practical information.
QR codes at the museums link to the website of the museum in question, keeping the guide up-to-date. Another QR code takes you to the website opwegnaardekunst.en by Piller and Lieten; full of up-to-date museum information.”

How is the book organized

Museums attract more visitors every year, but the halls of their own property are often silent: unknown makes unloved. The authors of the Guide to Dutch Museums, started the website opwegnaardekunst in 2015.en. They wanted to show the quality of their own property, the cultural heritage of the Netherlands. The Guide to Dutch Museums – On the Road to Art discusses some thirty museums in text and photographs. They highlight the art historical background and importance of the presentation.

QR codes

Because even our own collection is not a permanent display, each discussion includes two QR codes. Because the website is updated regularly, this QR code always gives the reader access to current information. The first QR code links to the relevant museum on the website, the second with the website of the discussed museum. This keeps the book connected to current events.

How is the book organized?

The Guide to Dutch Museums is arranged alphabetically by place names and begins with a brief introduction by the book’s authors. They chose about thirty museums in this book, which together tell the story of the Dutch art world. Also not mentioned are museums that are well known enough on their own such as the Rijks, van Gogh and Stedelijk museum. The museums are described by rooms and corridors and show beautiful photos’s. Each museum concludes with a clear overview including accessibility, children’s activities and museum store.

Fancy going out

It is a great book, it is informative and gives an idea of which museum to go to. The different places are nicely described and the photos in the book are beautiful. Just browsing through this guide is already fun.

Some of the museums listed in the Guide to Dutch Museums

  • Amsterdam- Museum Willet-Holthuysen
  • Den Bosch- The North Brabant Museum
  • The Hague- Mauritshuis
  • Flevoland- Landart
  • Maastricht- Bonnefantenmuseum
  • Wassenaar- Museum Voorlinden

Children and art

The Guide to Dutch Museums also lists what children’s activities are available. Or where on the site you can find them. Finally, it is also great fun to go to the museum with children. And these really shouldn’t be just the Do museums. Because children can also appreciate art. This is where The Big Old Master Animals book by Marthe Wijngaarden comes into play. This is a wonderful picture book that teaches young children about animals through beautiful, largely Dutch, masterpieces.

The Big Old Master Animals book

For young audiences, this book is a first introduction to the unparalleled beauty of the Old Masters. It is a beautifully designed book for young children starting with their first words, for older children, who have been to a museum for the first time, for parents, grandpa’s and grandma’s, art lovers and for anyone who wants to be enchanted by the paintings in the book, each of which have been chosen for their quality and strength.

Admiring animal portraits

The collection of twenty-five expressive animal portraits includes ‘hidden treasures’ from private collections as well as iconic images from museums, such as the Sleeping Dog by Gerard Dou or the Zebra by George Stubbs. A large number of masterpieces can be admired in Dutch museums in real life, perhaps nice to do this with (grand) children during the autumn holidays!

The guide to Dutch Museums and the great old master animal book The guide to Dutch Museums and the great old master animal book

Publisher Waanders & The Art

If you like museums, then it is ideal to have the Guide to Dutch Museums at home, because it is not only informative, but also fun to browse through. Both the Guide to Dutch Museums and the Big Old Master Animals book come from publisher Waanders & the Art from. Here you will find many more beautiful read and look books. Besides art, you’ll also find photography books, history and architecture and fashion/lifestyle. But also on the site you will find special unique artworks by different artists.