HEKS’NKAAS Vegan – delicious with drinks

HEKS'NKAAS Vegan – delicious with drinks

Do you like to eat vegan? Then I have good news because after a time of tasting and experimenting, HEKS'NKAAS® is coming out with HEKS'NKAAS® Vegan. Just as tasty as the original, but without animal ingredients. Delicious with Dippers, Bugles or vegetable sticks

HEKS'NKAAS Vegan dip

They took the time to completely perfect the vegan version. With results, because this dip is so delicious, you don't have to be vegan to make it. This HEKS'NKAAS® Vegan is just like its namesake, deliciously creamy and bursting with fresh ingredients like leeks, parsley and garlic. And of course provided with that one crucial ingredient: a touch of magic.

It's in the name!

Immediately a new addiction

With HEKS'NKAAS® Vegan you can be sure that everyone can dip in (handy when shopping). Because if you have a hearty appetite? Then it's always good to have spread dip at your fingertips during a relaxing evening on the couch.

Natural dipping with vegetable sticks, dipsticks or chips…the tastiest combination ever.

How it all began

It all started with a greengrocer in Twente who – mysteriously – invented a creamy dip with fresh vegetables. That got pretty out of hand. HEKS'NKAAS® was very popular and soon tasted like more!

Since then, the HEKS'NKAAS® kitchen has produced many irresistible, unique products. They keep coming up with new ways to make many moments more special and more delicious. Because a surprising taste never gets boring.

You will continue to enjoy it!

Do you taste the difference?

From HEKS'NKAAS® we received spread dip to try, the Vegan and the original. We were also asked: Can you taste the difference?. Of course, we went for extensive testing and it was definitely not a punishment. And we tasted the difference? Just a little bit.

We first tasted the Vegan version and found it to have a firmer texture with an even fuller flavor than the original. In which we found the original variant slightly fresher and creamier. Both spreads are delicious and perfect to combine with Dippers, Bugles or vegetable sticks and therefore both declared winners!

HEKS'NKAAS® Vegan - Maybe even tastier than the original


I highly recommend this vegan HEKS'NKAAS®. The ingredients in this HEKS'NKAAS® are: Vegetable oils (rapeseed, coconut), water, 11% fresh leeks, sugar, 3% fresh parsley, vinegar, 1% garlic, salt, modified starch, starch, spices (MOSTERD), thickeners (guar gum, xanthan gum), preservative (potassium sorbate), potato protein, food acids (citric acid, lactic acid), natural flavor, coloring (carotene), sweeteners (saccharins, sucralose).

Delicious with drinks

HEKS'NKAAS® is great for with drinks as a dip with bugles or with vegetable sticks, but you can combine it with much more. On the site of HEKS'NKAAS® you will find many tasty recipes, for example wraps with carpaccio and HEKS'NKAAS® or chicken with HEKS'NKAAS® pesto aged cheese. As far as I am concerned, HEKS'NKAAS® Vegan is here to stay. Have you tried it??

And did you taste the difference?