Lunch tip salads from Optimel

Lunch tip: salads from Optimel

When I worked as a weight consultant, I already noticed how difficult it was to eat healthy lunches. I like lunch with bread, but what do I put on it? I like to eat cheese, alternate it with hummus and then often add cucumber, avocado or tomato. Still, I find that I often eat the same thing for lunch, when variety is so good.

I do have delicious healthy lunch recipes, but they take some time to make and I usually don't have that in the afternoon. I found it super fun ( and delicious ) that I could test the salads of Optimel.

Bread remains popular during the Dutch lunch

A bread meal is still preferred at lunch for most Dutch people. No less than 56 percent of Dutch people have breakfast or lunch with a cheese sandwich every day. Among millennials ( people born between 1980 and 2000), however, the cheese sandwich is markedly less popular than among older generations. Only 39 percent of millennials prefer to eat a cheese sandwich at lunch. The research ( that Motivication conducted) also shows that they prefer to eat something else more often, such as bread with lunch salad, a hot meal or snack.

Moreover, they choose a quick lunch more often than other generations (47% vs. 34%). Only 29 percent of millennials always eat what they feel like at lunch, versus 58 percent of other generations. Main reasons: easier or no time for preparation. *

Easy lunch

To offer more variety for a quick and easy lunch, Optimel introduces Optimel Salads. The salads are made from pasteurized yogurt and come in three flavors: Paprika-Cucumber, Yellow Curry and Sellerie-Appel-Krent. Optimel Salads contain at least 50 percent fewer calories than other fresh bread and toast salads because they contain 0 percent fat and no added sugars.

Ideal for lunch so.

Try these salads

Recently I received a big box from Optimel at home. It contained not only the three Optimel salads, but also a chopping board, cutlery and a Mepal lunch box containing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and crackers. I also received a handy book with seven different lunches and packed with lunch tips. I tried the first salad, this was the pepper-cucumber one.

I always have tasty waldkorn bread and topped the sandwiches with salad with peppers and cucumber. This was delicious, the salad tastes very pure, you can really taste the peppers and cucumber in it. Of course, I tried all three salads on bread and I think they are all delicious. With a slight preference for the yellow curry.

But fair is fair, all three are very nice on bread. The taste of all three is good and very fresh. It's nice to have a healthy and tasty lunch like this.