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Variable interest- have you paid too much in recent years

Did you know that if you have or have had a loan or mortgage in the last 30 years, you are too much variable interest may have paid? This is about a few thousand euros a year too much. What exactly is this and how can Qollect help you?

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Madness on the housing market

Currently it is crazy on the housing market. Houses go away for a lot of money. With amounts that you would not have thought about before. And yet it happens. That also means that so many more people currently have a higher mortgage.

You arrange a mortgage with the bank, but also when you want a loan for a car or a renovation at your house, you go to a bank for money matters. And because you place your money matters here, you also rely on their expertise, but now it appears that there is a chance that you have paid too much of variable interest.

Too much variable interest paid

Do you have a loan, debt or mortgage or have you had this in the last 30 years, then it may be that you have paid too much interest and then it can be a few thousand euros a year too much. How is this possible now? Banks have calculated a higher interest rate on the loans/debts than they were allowed.

They may increase a variable interest rate if “the market interest rises”. They did that. But the variable interest rate should lower them when “the market interest rate” drops. And in many cases the banks have not done that.

So they simply charged too much interest in violation of the law and your contract, without realizing it.

Loans and payment accounts

The condition is that the interest you paid was not fixed but “variable”. With personal loans and payment accounts it is almost standard that the interest you paid was not fixed but variable. This also counted for many other loans, this is a serious amount.

Banks have benefited from the ignorance of the people. Finally, you want to trust the bank where you have your banking matters.

Register with Qollect

The amount that you may have paid too much can quickly rise to a few thousand euros per person. There are now also claims of several tens of thousands of euros. Definitely worth seeing if this is also the case for you. And here comes claim club Qollect around the corner. Qollect is a new young company that will chase the banks.

This initiative has been set up by various experts who have already committed themselves to recovering amounts. These things ran into Fortis, Airbnb and A.S.R.. They are going to collect this damage for you. This requires that you connect, this can be specific for a bank, for example for interest payment Rabobank but counts for almost all banks and losses in the Netherlands.

Your bank is undoubtedly also included! Leave your details on the site, here you will find all the information and they will keep you informed. Registration is without obligation and free!

On the site also read the experiences of others with Qollect and reliability.

It never hurts

Whether you have paid too much variable interest rate, you can’t just know, that’s why it’s good to take a look at this. So do you have a mortgage, loan or debt, be sure to take the time to delve into this. And who knows, they might also help you at Qollect.

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