Bootcamp- is it something for you

Bootcamp- is it something for you too

Boot camp! How nice can this be? Do you do Bootcamp? And are you enthusiastic about this? I wanted to participate for a long time and in the end I could actually participate.

How was it and is it worth repeating?

Military discipline

At Fitness Bootcamp, you quickly think of a military training. Such a drill sergeant that lets you do a push-up ten times, while roaring. Although it triggers me and I really wanted to do a workout stopped me. What this was? My age, that first.

Come on! I am forty plus, then you will no longer participate in those young girls, who run and jump tightly in their skin. Secondly, the time or day that the training was never favorable and last reason, fair is fair … I just didn’t dare.

But I am already doing anything about it

Why am I suddenly now and I decide to go to a Les Bootcamp? I exercise enough every week. Diegeen who have been reading my blogs for some time know that I have been following the bikini body guide for over a year. I walk fast and climb again fanatically. Yet I miss something.

I miss the motivation and variety to continue. I follow the bikini body guide at home, sweating for half an hour three times a week. But what happens more and more often.

I crochet, during an exercise, for example when I hear a notification on my phone. I am distracted and do the exercises incomplete or stop earlier. In addition, there is variety in the exercises, but in the meantime I know them all and sometimes want more challenge.

Ladies Only

Then there was a message on Facebook. What especially appealed to me were the words “ Ladies Only ”. That and the time of the Bootcamp would nevertheless be more ‘ women over forty ’ have to appeal.

The Bootcamp

And then it was Friday morning, the sun was shining so that was already a plus. The group of ladies was still small, the location perfect and the trainer skilled and inspiring. This first lesson was mainly an knowledge making with the Bootcamp phenomenon. Various exercises were explained and done.

Although it was the first time, we already had to beacon after an hour I was certainly tired but very enthusiastic!


What was especially positive for me was the boot camp, it was ‘ sports together ’. Girls yes, those forty people were not there yet, but who knows, maybe I can still inspire ladies from the neighborhood to go with. I have to say I didn’t even miss it.

We had a good and great training and despite the muscle pain the next day, I am already looking forward to the upcoming training.