Lux Luz- personal jewelry

Lux&Luz- personal jewelry

Celebrate your moments, milestones and memories with a personal and unique piece of jewelry from Lux&Luz. Combine your love in a unique piece of jewelry.

Personal jewelry at Lux&Luz

On the site of Lux&Luz.en you see immediately that the jewelry is quality, unique and personal. Necklaces and bracelets with a personal touch. There is plenty of choice of pendants and necklaces. For choose a name or initial or choose from the unique collection of symbols, Symbols that you can put together yourself, where you can choose from a gold chain or satin cord.

And so you can put together a necklace unique to you.

your moments milestones and memories

The bracelets at Lux&Luz call them armcandy. The feeling you get when I look at the collection feels like a kid in a candy store. All those colors together, that will make you enthusiastic. At Luz&Lux has over sixty colors of satin cord to choose from. So always a color that suits you..

The bracelets with satin cord can be personalized to your liking. With an arrow, initials (one or two) an inscription or a lightning bolt. The satin cord is tied with two knots so it fits everyone’s wrist.

Celebrate your moments, milestones and memories with our unique pièces.

Bracelets with initials

From Lux&Luz I received two bracelets with the initials of my children. Truly ‘your moments milestones and memories’. I chose the colors turquoise and lavender. Colors that I find cheerful and summery. When I opened the box with the bracelets, I immediately noticed the beautiful clear colors of the cords.

The initials are beautifully engraved in the plate in the bracelet. I like it very much and I am very happy with my beautiful bracelets. A bracelet like this one costs €34.95

‘Celebrate your moments, milestones and memories with our unique pieces’.

Discount code

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