Never cold feet again with socks from Apollo

Never cold feet again with socks from Apollo

Do you always have such cold feet? You can ’t sleep at night because you have two ice cubes in bed. It is so bad when you have cold feet and once you have this you just don’t get warm anymore.

With the current energy prices we are already aware that we may have to dress warmer at home and that includes warm feet. With the following tips you will also never cold feet again have.

Nothing more annoying than the cold

We are all quite a bit afraid of it, the cold. The cold we may feel this winter even more than usual. Finally, the high gas and energy prices will make us turn down the heat a bit this year.

If you want to be warm it is especially important to keep feet and hands warm. With socks Apollo you never have cold feet, because Apollo socks find the finest warm socks in all colors and sizes.

Never cold feet again, seriously

We walk at home for years on ‘warmpies’ at least that is what we call them. The real name is house socks. We wear these over our socks.

They are wonderfully warm and the advantage is that the non-slip under the socks prevents slipping. I, who always had cold feet when she went to bed, don’t suffer from this anymore since I wear house socks.

What are non-slip socks

The house socks come in different colors and styles, so everyone in the house can pick their own favorite color. You can choose house socks of wool, these socks are made of recycled wool and are wonderfully thick and soft. But you can also choose cool socks that are knitted in a rib structure and lined with wonderfully warm and soft fleece material.

I always have cold feet, are there any socks for that?

Besides house socks you also have those nice warm socks. Ideal if you always have cold feet. These warm socks are totally for this time of year.

The socks are wonderfully warm and soft to the touch.

wonderfully warm feet with these wool socks

I am a real outdoorsman

Are you outside a lot in winter? Then thermal socks are ideal for you. At Apollo you will find comfortable thermal socks that you can wear every day and with any activity you wish to undertake outdoors. When working or when going for a walk or bike ride in winter.These warm thermal socks are then indispensable.

Wearing a pair of warm socks can prevent your feet from cooling down so you get cold quickly.

I am looking for socks with color

Do you like a color and a print, at Apollo socks you can find Bio Cotton socks and Bamboo socks in every color and print you can think of. The bamboo socks are super soft and are very comfortable because the are temperature regulated. Cool in summer and warm in winter.

The Bio-Cotton socks, playful, warm and comfortable to wear.

organic cotton bamboo

Buy these socks at a discount

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