Chic party on the planning SO you look your best

Chic party planning? How to look your best

From a big party with colleagues to a fancy wedding: from time to time you have a fancy party planned. Then it’s nice to dress up and look your best! Try a little harder than a simpler party to get you in the party mood!

How to succeed?

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Lingerie as a base

Although not meant for everyone to see, we still consider it an important basic: your lingerie! Don’t forget that it’s also nice to pay attention to the clothes you wear underneath your visible outfit. Beautiful lingerie boosts your self-confidence.

So this will only make you look better at that party.

Dress as a festive garment

The dress for a party? Surely the dress! Go for a dashing one to steal the show on the dance floor, or opt for a tight-fitting dress for an elegant look.

There are many stylish dresses to choose from – the choice is all yours. Sometimes you feel like wearing a long dress, and other times you want to show off your legs more with a shorter dress.

Also pay attention to any dress code: it may already state what is expected of your outfit. It can also help you choose the right color, for example! Especially at weddings, it is quite common to ask guests to adhere to a color theme.

Dance shoes on

What’s a dress without matching shoes? Exactly: your shoes deserve attention too. You can definitely go for a chop at a fancy party.

Make sure you can walk well on these, though: that’s even more important. Are you planning to hit the dance floor? Rather choose shoes that are comfortable enough to dance the stars off the sky.

For example, a low heel also looks graceful, as does a lace-up shoe without a heel.

Delicious smell

To stimulate all the senses, you can also wear a lovely perfume. Keep it somewhat subtle and don’t overdo it. A good perfume will do the trick!

Beautiful make-up

Do you like makeup? A chic party is of course also an ideal occasion to go wild with your makeup look. You don’t have to keep it basic, but you can actually go pretty outrageous.

So be sure to go for that look with special eye shadow, and wear that bright red lipstick.

To look tiptop!