Brother and sister day

Brother and sister day you made me big sister

For years there was one wish at the top of my wish list. A wish I shared with my parents that I never thought would come true. I most wanted a little brother or sister.

By the way, on number two was a horse, a wish that didn't come true until decades later, but that aside.

One wish

For ten years I had been an only child. I was that privileged girl who had the undivided attention of her mommy and daddy. I had a carefree and peaceful childhood but that one wish remained present.

I didn't feel lonely or sad at all, but still I really wanted a little brother or sister.

Somehow I knew that was a deep-cherished wish of my parents. Unfortunately, you are not in charge in this area, as I know all too well by now.


So great was the surprise and happiness when my parents told me that my greatest wish would be fulfilled. I had to wait a while but at the age of ten I finally got a little brother. You couldn't make me happier! (Okay, a pony of my own would have been cool too, but a sibling was above all that).)

And even more amazed

That little brother meant a big change in my life as an only child. I became a big sister and never knew that, as a little girl, I could love such a little pink child so much. With love I helped my mother with the daily care.

As I slowly grew into my role as big sister this good fortune just happened to me again.

On my twelfth birthday, to my great surprise, I also got a little sister. My parents' family was complete and my wish was doubly fulfilled.

Brother and sister day

And yes, now 22 years later and a mother myself, I still love my little brother and sister immensely! Since today is National Sibling Day, this blog is for you guys.

Dear bro and lil sis, happy sibling day! Love you!


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