Building playing and discovering with Nintendo

Build, play and discover with Nintendo Labo

Last Wednesday we were at Nintendo to get to know Nintendo Labo during a workshop. Since last Friday, everyone can get started with Nintendo Labo, A new line of interactive construction, play and discover experiences, designed to inspire creative spirits and playful hearts. Together with it Nintendo Switch*-System offer the Nintendo Labo packages the tools and technology to make fun do-it-yourself creations, play games with your creations and discover how Nintendo Switch technology brings your ideas to life. ‘ A world discovery, ’ according to the boys. I haven't seen them so actively busy with building playing and discovering.

Since last Friday there are three Nintendo Labo packages for sale. Today I share our experience with you.

What is the Nintendo Switch

For those who are not so aware of the entire Nintendo. What is the Nintendo Switch actually? The Nintendo Switch is a game console that seamlessly tries to connect gaming at home and on the way. The console consists of a central unit (a dock) with a charger for a portable screen.

If the screen is in the dock, it is possible to play games on television as usual.

Nintendo Labo

Last Wednesday we were at Nintendo's head office in the Netherlands. Because the development continues. They don't stand still at Nintendo. In order to be able to use the switch even more, the Nintendo Labo has come about.

With Nintendo Labo you can enjoy building, playing and discovering together with the whole family. This way you can build a motorcycle, house, rod, car, piano or even a robot. With this you can play, discover secrets, play games and more.

How does this work now:

Let cardboard plates come to life by making different forms with them and combine these ‘ Toy-Con ’ With the Nintendo Switch.

  1. Build your Toy-Con step by step according to interactive instructions on your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Combine the Toy-Con with the Nintendo Switch and play like never before.
  3. Learn how to work Toy-Con to discover new possibilities.

The boys were both allowed to make the model car, she followed step by step the instructions indicated via the Nintendo Switch and this was so clear that they could do it independently. Then she decorated the car and turned it into an elephant. They placed the Joy-Con on both sides and through the Nintendo Switch they could make the car move. Then they could also try out the other building packages.

She tried the rod, the house and the engine. In the video at the bottom of this article, from Nintendo, you can see very clearly what you can do with each Toy-Con specific. The house and the motorcycle, were favorite with the boys.

Play and discover three packages to build and discover

Two Nintendo Labo packages are available: the mix package and the robot package. Both packages contain everything you need to bring your Toy-Con to life, including the building materials and the corresponding Nintendo Switch software. In addition, there is a third package; A special decorative set with nice templates, stickers and colored adhesive tape will be decorated Toy-Con.

You can also invent new things with the Switch and the Labo package, such as with your rod, control the model car. Are you interested then you will really have to take a look at the YouTube channel. Here you can see what you can do with it.

The mix package costs € 69.99. The robot package € 79.99 and the accessory package € 11.99. Pricey packages, especially when you don't have Nintendo Switch yet.

All parts are converting, playing and discovering in the package.

Who knows, you might discover new ways to play!

Why would you buy the Nintendo Switch? What can and do with it? #Games #Gamen

Do you (or your children) have a switch and would you go for a package like this.?