Don’t make these mistakes when creating a photo book

Don’t make these mistakes when creating a photo book

A memory does not have to be big to have a beautiful feeling about it. It is often the small moments that give the feeling of love and remain stored in our memories. After your vacation you will soon feel as if you have never been away?

So don’t wait any longer and create your own photo book today! Get back in the tropical mood in no time. In this article we like to give you the most common mistakes when making your own album, so you can avoid falling into these traps.

Let’s get started!

Working in a hurry

Laze away under the covers with a cup of tea at all your favorite memories. It is a shame to rush the process. Especially after a busy day, you can unwind by sliding behind your laptop or computer.

A photo book is often made to be enjoyed years later, so spend your time on it. Also, the photo book doesn’t have to be finished right away, so if you can’t find any inspiration, save it and continue it later. Many people also choose to start with a yearbook, for example, and then add to it as new memories are experienced.

A jumble of patterns

From calm solid colors to fun prints, you can completely let your creativity run wild when creating your own photo book. Even though you may like lots of different colors, it is not wise to use them frequently on all your pages. This can quickly create a chaotic and unstructured effect. Choose to work with certain themes and pick colors accordingly.

Have you found some favorite pictures? Place it on the front of your photo book or choose a photo on glass.


How many times have you made plans to create a photo book and then failed to keep them?? We understand that sometimes it can’t be the most fun work, but photo books don’t fill themselves. So get to work!

You don’t have to produce a creative masterpiece, so don’t set the bar too high for yourself. Pick a theme for your photo book and get creative with your favorite colors. Have fun.