You know you’re a mother of a boy when

You know you are a mother of a boy when

Yesterday I read a nice piece by Kelly from kellycaresse.en. She wrote a blog post about her confessions as a girl mom. That same day, my little man was brought home after a weekend sleepover. After a few days of peace and quiet in the house, an invasion came in return.

I realized once again that our toddler is a real boy.

With real boy behavior and mischief.

You know you are a mother of a boy, if…..

  • You regularly find yourself frolicking on the couch. Crushed by a three year old. Nowadays that is slightly less pleasant since I now have a fat pregnant belly.
  • Every now and then it leaves you with a bruise. Or a light bruise. Or just muscle pain.
  • You ’ll see multiple pairs of pants from 1 day and in the same size in the laundry basket at night! All covered in mud and other unexplained stains.
  • You know at least three different types of dinosaurs by name and recognize them in movies or books.
  • You read books about knights, dino’s and dragons, with the corresponding voices and accents.
  • You also have to laugh when your little man laughs at a fart or a burp. Which he left for himself. (You try to raise them…)
  • You can play along very well with the Playmobil and especially with the knight castle. Knight Granite, Knight Rudolf and the Great Dangerous Dragon fight for their lives and you join in with the swords and bows and arrows.
  • The tough cries fly around your ears and are also heard with a lot of decibels.
  • You occasionally run around the room with a tablecloth, shouting that you're a superhero. Meanwhile being chased by a ferocious toddler.
  • You regularly hold your breath when he performs acrobatics in impossible places again. On top of the kitchen island, upside down on the bed, hanging on the banister of the stairs.

In short, I totally enjoy having such’a little rascal in the house. At times a bit painful and sometimes deadly tiring, but hey that's what a toddler is for. His little sister is on her way, I am very curious if she will grow into a real girl.

Secretly I do hope to go loose with dolls, Barbie’s and My Little Pony’s. But oh well, if she would rather play with cars’s and climb trees then I already have experience enough.

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