Bohemian lifestyle how do you become a real bohemian

Bohemian lifestyle: how do you become a real bohemian

Carefree, free and colorful that is the bohemian lifestyle. And we all don’t want to live that way. Of course, life is not carefree, but we can throw in some lightness in it.

Today I give tips on how you can live the bohemian lifestyle!

What is the bohemian lifestyle

If you are looking for in the dictionary, you can read that Bohemian (or bohemian) is an artistic type that leads a cheerful and carefree life. This also includes the word bon vivant. Bohemian is often hung on a clothing style or interior, but it is more.

Bohemien is the free life, the adventurous, not walking with the masses.

I am a bohemian?

I live the bohemian lifestyle? Hell yes! I walk in long wide dresses with cheerful prints, preferably with my cowboy boots and often wear a hat. I like freedom, adventure and travel. And although I certainly don’t have a carefree life, I try to see life sunny.

And I certainly do not walk with the masses, so yes I certainly feel a bohemian.

Looking for adventure

The urge for adventure has always been. Ignited by our parents, my sister and I have traveled with them, but also together. At the age of twenty -three I left for Australia for a year to backpacking for a year. Two years later I resigned to travel through America for six months with my sister. Just with a car and tent on the road and see where you came out.

10 years later I left this trip again with my family and we traveled in a camper through America and Canada for seven months. Leave again in the morning and see where you would come out. The freedom I was allowed to experience then often makes me want back, but I also try to hold on to this weird time now.

It may not be traveling, feeling free, by doing those things that can, still give me pleasure in the days.

The bohemian lifestyle

What exactly is that bohemian lifestyle?

Feel free

The Bohemian lifestyle is more. Then travel or experience adventures on vacation. Finally, you don’t have to make long journeys to feel free. Feeling free is also inside and experiencing adventures can also be closer to home.

But look it up!

Bohemian in your clothes

Bohemian can easily get you back in your clothes. This one is cheerful, elegant, fur. Maxi dresses in cheerful prints, long skirts, shirts with cheerful print and wide sleeves, hats, scarves in the hair, boots and jewelry.

bohemian in your interior

But a bohemian lifestyle can also be found in your interior. You often see a lot of wood, cheerful decorative cushions on the couch, robust furniture, rugs, tables with (sunny) memories of holidays, striking accessories and many plants.

Tips for a bohemian lifestyle

Would you like to be a bit more bohemian and want to live that bohemian lifestyle? Maybe you help these tips:

  • Live the life you want to live. Take Risk ’ s
  • Be creative, this is possible in any way: make notes, note your thoughts, paint, sign, find that hobby that makes you happy.
  • Wear what you like, choose clothing and jewelry that expresses your bohemian lifestyle.
  • Dare to live differently, look at the time now, you have been working from home for a year and you have no obligations in terms of school -going children? Why don’t you go abroad for a while? Can you also do your work there? Do you only need the internet to work? Find the adventure and become a nomad.
  • Go into nature, go for a walk or cycle. Are you stressed? Then take a long walk and empty your head.
  • When we can: go on a journey, discover new places, new cultures.
  • Turn your dreams into plans. Bohemians live as if every day is a beautiful day.

In a flower dress

And that last point is perhaps the most important. Live as if every day is a wonderful day and you have to work for that yourself. Now you may think, I really have to walk in a flower dress?

Or are going to paint? Of course not. Grab what suits you. If you had told me years ago that on my 47 in dresses with flowers and printing around, I would have declared you crazy.

And now! Now I feel free in what I wear, I do what I do and dream. What that is Ibizabohogirl Yvon an example for me. A beautiful woman of 50 years who knows how to live that bohemian lifestyle.

My message; Wear what you feel good at, you radiate that!