Embroidery – a hobby to start this winter

Embroidery- a hobby to start this winter with

Have you always wanted to learn to embroider, but you will never get it. Do you think of old grandmates when they are embroidered. Did you know that embroidery is very hip and actually is really a winter hobby?

Good reason to start this winter this winter. Buy embroidery packages and get started. You will see how nice it is.

What is Embroidery

Embroidery, what is that again? Probably you used to do it at school during handicraft lessons or you know it from your grandmother who was always handling, but also for you, me and our children are embroidering a fun and relaxed hobby to do. You can do well ’ in the evening handicrafts, precisely because it gives so much peace.

But what do you make then? Very easy, you have embroidery packages for that.

What’s in a bidure package

An embroidery package is ideal for you when you are a beginner and when you already have a lot of experience with embroidery and maybe you are looking for patterns. An embroidery package contains everything you need. A complete package is with embroidery, yarns in a number of colors, embroidery needle and instructions

What can I make now

Very well known to embroider his handicrafts for after birth. Maybe you still have this one. An embroidered painting with name, date of birth, length and weight.

Or the first letter of your name is also something that is often embroidered. Furthermore, you can embroider everything, think of a growth meter, an embroidery for a wedding or one with your favorite animal.

Which package do I choose

There are different packages for sale. This way you can buy a pre -printed embroidery package or a counting. The pre -printed package says it all, here the pattern is printed on the embroidery fabric. You see every color that you have to use and know which stitch needs where.

If you choose a counting embroidery package, you will have to count the stitches yourself. If you are a beginner with embroidery, I would go for the pre -printed, this is just as easier to work.

What more do I need

In addition to the fact that embroidery is already incredibly relaxed to do, you can make it even easier for yourself and buy an embroidery ring with this. With an embroidery ring you can easily clamp the fabric, this works easier and the stitches will not contract.

Choose your hobby this winter

In the winter on the couch, under a warm blanket or comforter, poured chocolate milk and then embroider. That sounds good. Nesticrafts such as this, but also hooks and knitting are hobbies of hobbies that are often picked up again in the winter, it is the somewhat cuddly and cozy hobby ’ s that work outside, relaxed work.