Bullet Journals 2022 which planner suits you well

Bullet Journals 2022: which planner is a good fit for you

The new year calls for a new agenda, a new planner or Bullet Journal? Want to start the new year well organized? What kind of planner you use is very personal.

Today I am giving an overview about Bullet Journals and which one might suit you?

An agenda, phone or planner

What you use to note down your appointments is very personal. Some prefer to use their phone, others an old-fashioned diary (I still have one in my bag) or a planner. And with a planner you can buy one or make your own and that’s where Bullet Journals come in.

In this article I will elaborate on this.

What are Bullet Journals?

Bullet Journals are different for each user. And that is what I like about it. Because if you have more Bullet Journals then you will notice that you will always make a different planner from here, no Bullet Journal (BuJo) is the same.

But what exactly is a Bullet Journal? A Bullet Journal is a diary, journal and to-do list all in one. It is not a digital panacea, but a method to organize tasks, appointments, deadlines and thoughts in a notebook.

Just with pen and paper.

What can you put in a Journal, for example:

  • Month and year goals
  • Planning
  • Bucket lists
  • To-do lists
  • Recipes
  • Series/movies you want to watch
  • Wish lists
  • Booklists

What suits you?

What kind of Bullet Journal you choose is very personal. I list some examples:

I love vintage

Are you a Vintage fan, then Bullet Journals in those famous brown colors are for you. Nice also to use vintage stickers and washi tape in this planner. I myself am currently using a Vintage-based BuJo from Mus, I have been using it for almost a year now and every month I make a different layout with it, but every month I do go back to Vintage.

The nice thing about this is that my whole Journal is still a whole.

Check out my Youtube channel for examples in Vintage:

Still looking for Vintage stickers to go with your Bullet Journals? click here for products

Do you like to draw

Do you like to draw in your Bullet Journals choose a planner with a ring binder. It is so much easier to draw with a ring binder because you can turn the pages’s and you can use the whole paper for drawing..

Do you need some handholding

If you find it hard to draw real stripes or to stay on the lines, don’t choose Bullet Journals with blank papers, but with dots. These dots are actually also very similar to a BuJo, but of course it is personal whether you choose this. I really need these dots to get some straight lines in my Bullet Journals.

A Creative Journal

If you like creativity, but you do not have to make up everything yourself, then a Creative Journal is for you. A Creative Journal is a coloring book, bullet journal, diary, reflection book, all in one! You have a fun and creative way of being aware of your schedule, your goals and how you feel about yourself.

The templates included in this Journal are made to get you started creating a colorful book and boost your creativity.

But there are also plenty of blank pages’s to get started yourself.

Are you frugal with your stuff

Are you very frugal with your stuff then a refillable leather Bullet Journal from A Lifetime Journal could be for you. after you fill up the included A5 notebook (without lines), you can easily remove it from the leather cover and replace it with a new A5 notebook. Your leather journal is ready again for new notes, stories and drawings

Creative but not too

If you are creative now, would like to have a Bullet Journal but have less time, or if you are just starting out with Bullet Journals and would like to have some staying power then a My Journal Agenda from A-journal is for you. This is a diary full of handy checklists. For anyone who loves lists and plans.

With this Agenda you can clear your head by writing in your journal. In this Journal you will find handy checklists, to do’s, not to do’s, ideas and goals but also all to pays, holiday plans and time for friends and family are easy to plan with the help of the lists.

You can buy the A-Journal from My Journal in any color you can think of. Look here for the different products.

Whatever you choose, choose consciously

Whatever you choose Bullet Journals. Choose what suits you. If you buy something that is not really you, you will find that you have no fun filling in the Journal.

You will have no fun designing, drawing and pasting. While this is a big part of journaling.