Make your own Dreamcatcher with a package from Déco Time

Make your own Dreamcatcher, with a package from Déco Time

A dreamcatcher, They hang so happily in front of the window or above a bed. At Action I bought a ‘Make your own Dreamcatcher’ from Déco Time. Crocheting the web requires some crochet experience and then you can decorate it in your own way.

Here I show you how.

What is a dreamcatcher exactly

A dreamcatcher (Dreamcatcher) consists of a ring with a web of yarn with underneath hanging feathers, fabric, beads, stones or shells. Making and hanging a dreamcatcher above the bed can ward off bad dreams. During the night, bad dreams are caught in the web and then slip off in the morning and dry up in the morning sun.

While the good dreams can find their way unimpeded into the dreamcatcher and enter the life of the dreamer.

A dreamcatcher and a bohemian interior

Now you can also have a dreamcatcher for decorative use in your home. In front of the window, in the garden or on the balcony, this dreamcatcher can also find its place perfectly. I love the bohemian lifestyle and after I replaced my entire clothing collection, it's now up to my interior design.

A dreamcather fits perfectly with a bohemian interior. You can buy these in the store, also super cute of course. There are lots of different dreamcatchers in processing, fabric, sizes and prices.

Now this Déco Time make your own dreamcatcher from Action is just a few euros' worth of homework and, of course, cannot be compared with the beautiful dreamcatchers you see in stores or find online.

Make your own

This make your own dreamcatcher from Déco time cost €1.99. Our Action store had three different dreamcatchers. But online I saw that there are four colors. This Make your own Déco Time dreamcatcher kit has a difficulty level of 3 out of four balls of wool. I understand that, because crocheting the web is quite complicated, especially if you have no crochet experience.

If you have this, it's a doable and common pattern. The stitches you need to be able to do are: unloading, single crochet, double crochet and double crochet.

How to make this dreamcatcher

Of course you start with the crochet pattern, which is written out in full, but also in pictures on paper. The only thing missing was that nowhere was it indicated which crochet hook to use. I chose the smallest crochet hook I have in the house and that was crochet hook 3. Furthermore, everything you need for this dreamcatcher( ring, thread and decoration) is included in the kit.

Step-by-step plan for crocheting

The steps for crocheting are clear and although I thought all the time that there would never be enough thread to crochet the whole ring of the dreamcatcher, it was just enough. The crochet went pretty well, from the last piece of thread I crocheted a band to hang the dreamcatcher on.

Start with the magic ring crochet for the Make your own dreamcatcher Déco Time Dreamcatcher from Action with ring, thread and embellishment The rin of the dreamcatcher from Déco Time, the crochet is tricky, the rest is easy to do

Giving your own idea to the decoration

After crocheting the web and attaching it to the ring you can decorate the dreamcatcher. The kit contains two pieces of fabric, a piece of satin, thread, 4 x felt leaves and 5 wooden beads. Here you can decorate your dreamcatcher exactly how you want it.

On the example you can see that they decorated the ring with one of the two pieces of fabric. I tried this too, but it went so badly that I removed it and just left my ring empty. I cut the fabric into eight strips and tied them to the ring. Cut the ribbon in half and thread the beads through with a darning needle. This also attached to the ring and finally the felt leaves hung on the string.

You can choose exactly where you want to attach the decoration to the dreamcatcher, but you can also hang anything else you want on it. Think of seashells you find on the beach or charms you may still have lying around.

In the video below you can see how I decorated this Déci Time dreamcatcher from Action:

Make your own

Making this dreamcatcher is fun to do and besides crocheting, where you have to know how and what, easy to do yourself. The fun is to give your own twist to the dream catcher.

To make or buy a dreamcatcher yourself, look here

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