Braille Bricks for visually impaired children

Braille Bricks for visually impaired children

Imagine that visually impaired children with LEGO blocks could learn the Braille script, how fantastic would that be? In Brazil it is already possible. Thanks to LEGO braille can learn to read blind children.

Lego -like blocks

With the large LEGO-like blocks, children can learn the Braille script. When children are visually impaired, they experience social and educational problems. The Braille Bricks offer a solution for this. The blocks become a game for children. This way the children can playfully expand their social network.

There is a letter on every LEGO block, but then in Braille. They can form words and even sentences on the famous LEGO sign. The LEGO blocks are not only fun for children, in this way visually impaired children can also learn Brailleschrift from their parents, brothers or sisters.

Braille Bricks Learn to read blind children

The LEGO blocks are combined with the six points of the Braille script. With the letters the children can make words and ultimately learn to read. At present, three hundred children can use this project. The marketing team of course hopes that LEGO will pick up the unique Braille script quickly and can produce more.

In any case, I think it is a wonderful initiative: it helps visually impaired children, but LEGO is also put in a good light.