Tips for a fun maternity shower

Tips for a fun maternity shower

Hooray, the little one is born! You want to celebrate with all your friends and family. You just want to show off your baby and hear how -beautiful he or she is.

And since you don't feel like visits to your bedside, you Opted for a Maternity Party. But how to do that? What do you need and what are things not to forget?

Read Along!

Where are you going to hold it?

In any case, it is useful to decide where you want to hold the party. At home? OR in a small room?

You must have a budget in mind and you need to know if a venue will fit into that budget. Because you not only have the cost of the venue but also the decorations, cups and plates, drinks and snacks. Cake Or Cookies, Sweets and Perhaps Small Thank You Gifts for Guests.

When you Calculate Everything, Do You End Up 'Green' For The Venue Or would it Be Better To Keep It At Home And Put Up A Party Tent In The Garden For The Guests?


Of course you want your guests, anyone you invite, to come. You can Easily Create Invitations Online, On A Website or Just with a Photoshop Program. You can send them Digitally (Nice and Cheap Via WhatsApp) Or Print Them Out and Mail Them The Old-Fashioned Way.

Because Let's face it: It's still fun to Receive mail like this?

Cakes, cakes or cookies?

Think about what you want. Are you going to order cakes or make them yourself? And if you get Creative: How much time will it take??

Can you do all that, now that you have a baby who needs your attention a lot? Or do you prefer a simple cake with whipped cream and mice?

Buy Your Cakes? Do you have a theme for the party?


The Room Where You Will Hold The Party Should Look Festive. At stores such as big bazaar, action or xenos, for example, you can find cute and inexpensive decorations. From Big Fancy Balloons to Flags and Confetti, Go Wild And Have A Blast!

Thank you

ESpeciate for children coming to the party, it is nice to make thank you cards. A nice little bag with some candy in it, for example. That too can be found cheaple at action.

A lollipop, or some candy in pink or blue.

Did You Hold A Maternity Shower Or Are You More Of A Fan Of Bedside Visits?? How would you organize your maternity party and where would you get your inspiration from?

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