The magic of Las Falles returns

The magic of Las Falles returns

How nice it is that everything opens more and more, we can make plans for a vacation or trip abroad. Do you now have plans to go to next week València to go, then I have a nice tip for you. Namely the Valencian street festival.

UNESCO World Heritage List

The Valencian street festival has been a cultural heritage on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2016. And after two years of absence comes back with the usual festivities such as the Mascletaes, the sacrificial, open -air dances and an impressive fireworks shows. The festival was officially opened on the last Sunday of February during "La Crida", where the Fallas Lont was lit.

The highlight of the street festival takes place from 15 to 19 March, where almost all the streets of the city in València are filled with art, humor and satire.

The most international festival of València

The origin of this party in València is hundreds of years ago. Every year on March 19, Sint-Jozef was celebrated, the patron saint of the carpenters. The carpenters of the city took old remains from their workshops and burned them. This is the end of winter and beginning of spring. The festival has undergone a whole transformation over the years, without losing traditions.

There will be bonfires in which the Fallas are burned. These are monuments that are set up every March 15 in the streets of the city and the province of Valencia. They are authentic artworks made by the guild of Fallero Artists, musicians, pyrotechnicians, costume designers and florists.

They are all real craftsmen and they are part of the soul of the festival.

Las Fallas 2022, livelier than ever before

After a year of Las Fallas without a party and a year with a minimum program in September, the big party of València rises from the axis. The Fallas shine again in the streets of the city! And that happens with more joy than ever.

Discover the full program here.

Gunpowder, music and lots of art

One of the most spectacular events of Las Fallas is the “ Mascletà ”, which up to and including 19 March every day at 14.00 hours at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento returns. Mascletà is a traditional Spanish fireworks show. There is also fireworks every evening in the Turia Garden. During the “ Plantá ” In the nights of 15 and 16 March, the monuments end up in the streets.

A total of 800 works of art are then spread over 400 locations in the city. The Fallas are divided into different categories, depending on their complexity, size and originality. They are all unique, but the most spectacular are located in the old city, Ciutat Vella and the Ruzafa and Gran Vía neighborhoods.

The best is one tour With a guide or a Fallas Tour to reserve to see the most spectacular monuments, while they tell you about the details and traditions.

Credits: Visit ValènciaPichiavo Estrella Jover

The flower sacrifice

The flower sacrifice, you should definitely not miss. The sacrifice to the Virgin de Los Desamparados, the patron saint of València. will be brought on 17 and 18 March. The Falleros dress in their most traditional costumes and walk through the streets of Valencia with bouquets.

All this to the rhythm of the music of local bands. It ends on the Plaza de la Virgen, where a huge image of the patron saint is arranged and her cloak with flowers is covered. On March 19, the “ Cremà ” Las Fallas's final act.

This is a special event in which the monuments collapse among the flames of the bonfires. With the “ Cremà ” take away the flames, accompanied by fireworks, the remains of the Fallas of the current year and start those from 2023, in a very magical innovative exercise. A spectacle that you have to experience at least once in your life.